Explore the beautiful minds of business people in the LGBTQ community.

Most people understand the language of sex. Not everybody understands the language of money. Alpha Woman Secrets is designed to enlighten, entertain, and educate people on the importance of mental health and stability. 

Alpha Woman Secrets

Alpha Woman Secrets is a series that follows the lives and loves of lesbian and bisexual business women whom come from different cultures and backgrounds.

The characters date, pursue careers, juggle balancing a healthy homelife while debating whether they want fame or a family, and they hook up sometimes just to break up.

The characters question their sexuality. Deciding to fully come out of the closet or remain closetted is one of the hotter topics that can either make or break their pursuit of building wealth and achieving stability.

Some of the women sleep around just like men do. The series shatters all stereotypes about how lesbians conduct themselves. The U-Haul theory; totally just a theory designed to make women who love with great intensity be seen as weak and needy. 

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Alpha Woman Secrets is currently working on original books for your entertainment as well as to inspire you to tell your story. What you've been through is NOT in vain! The fact that you're here means you have an Alpha story. Be extraordinary. Your presence on this planet is a gift.

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