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Alpha Woman Secrets Mission

Our mission is to change the face of struggle. We believe that everybody has a story worth telling. Our mission is what drives us to dive deep into the minds of the seemingly  forgotten in order to pull out the hidden treasures that have yet to be unlocked.

Noah finds her strength in what makes her come off as weak. 


She’s a mother and a friend. She’s the daughter who always wanted a daughter. She has two sons. Noah had a brain tumor at age eleen. Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to have children. She prayed for two lefties and she got what she ordered! 


Noah believes in second chances. She’s not quick to give up on people. Maybe you can relate. Many have dragged her name through the mud. She’s made it her life mission to lift people up in ever dark corner of the world her destiny has in store for her. 


Noah writes fiction and non-fiction books, but she only stands on truth.


Writing is a fraction of the passion that makes up the extraordinary woman that is Noah. She knows what it is to have been homeless. It’s important to her that her life’s work includes making sure the underdog gets to shine. 


The truth is that we all have the choice to make it better or make it worse. Noah is a doer. She doesn’t quite believe that word alone is bond. She’s all about the follow through. 


If you’re going to follow her. She’s going to urge you to always follow through.


Everyone’s had some version of trauma. Noah’s goal is to help a lot of people come up out of their guilt and shame and turn their stories into passive income. Anyone can escape poverty. Noah will help you put together a game plan to put the work in. She’ll even be deep in the trenches with you. 

She was once an underdog just like you. The good thing about people who are underestimated is that nobody ever really sees you until they finally see you because they’re forced to!

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People behind Alpha Women Secret


Noah is the Founder, Author & CEO of Alpha Woman Secrets, Already completed more than 30+  eBooks. She is also a successful Entrepreneur.

Oscar Thomsen

Oscar Thomsen, a Professional Graphics  Designer and Social Media Expert, is working since 2017 and Already completed 1000+ Designs for multiple clients.

Syed Easin

Syed Easin is a Professional Web Developer and WordPress Expert working since 2016 and Already completed 300+ Websites and Sales Funnels.

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